John Riach BSc
John Riach BSc

Psychological Therapy


The Initial Session


I am experienced in helping clients identify what their primary difficulties are and in advising on the most suitable therapeutic approach. The purpose of this session is to gain an understanding of the problem and to  agree what approach is lkely to be most helpful and an initial number of sessions.



Psychological therapy has been shown to be very effective with a range of psychological problems.


I use a range of therapeutic approaches  depending on the nature of the problem and your preference. It is important that you understand the rationale for working in a certain way and feel comfortable with the approach.


Most of the work I do with clients is short-term therapy. In my experience, people can often be helped significantly in 6-10 sessions


I have undergone further training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and often find that this is a good starting point for understanding what factors have caused the problem(s) and what treatment might be most effective. There are, however, limitations to CBT and some problems require a more tailored approach.


Often a distinction is made between long-term and short-term therapy. Longer term therapies usually help people deal with  underlying causes for distress often arising in childhood. Therapy could last a year or more and typically would involve more than 20 sessions. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an example of this.




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